Tera Online – Another Fantasy MMORPG

TERA is yet another Korean fantasy-based MMORPG by En Masse and Bluehole Studio that boast outstanding graphics. The game offers all the standard MMORPG features such as leveling up, questing, choice of several classes and races with different skills, abilities and so on and so forth.

What truly stands out for TERA is the battle mechanics. Instead of the traditional mouse-clicking monster fights, the game is developed to engage players in the game with features such as an aiming reticle. It is also possible for players to block and shield from attacks as well as roll away from attacks. How player position themselves during attacks also has a say on the damage dealt. For instance, players has a higher chance of critically damaging enemies if they attack from behind. Another notable aspect is the collision mechanic. There’s no running through monsters or edges of walls in TERA Online. The game is developed with high precision when it comes to simulating real life objects.

Besides the battle mechanics, growing fans argue that the unique story line is another making of the game that has lured an increasing fan base. TERA is the work of a dream. The two continents of Arborea are in actual fact the sleeping bodies of two very powerful Titans. As they dream away, TERA and its inhabitants slowly appear and come to life. The land was in peace until the unexpected appearance of an island and the vicious animals that begin appearing from there. The ultimate aim thus becomes ensuring the survival of Arborea, the dream, because once the Titans awake, that would be the end for everyone.

Gamers who truly enjoy crafting and enchanting would find TERA very full-filling. The known crafting professions at the moment include tailoring and leather-working. In TERA Online, it is also possible to craft rare and epic items. The interesting part is enchanting would be available to everyone regardless of the chosen crafting profession.

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