Rappelz – Fantasy MMORPG Review

Rappelz is an intense fantasy MMORPG game that everyone can play, the game is released as a free game and you only need an account and the game installed to begin your adventure.

As many other similar games Rappelz has a very interesting game-play that reminds me of world of warcraft but this game is more focused on the Asian type of fantasy MMORPG games where you have to grind most of the game with a group of people and gain levels in the many dungeons Rappelz has.

What separates this game from any other MMORPG out there is that you can have pets and you actually train them and select what they learn as the gain levels which makes the game very unique considering there is a lot of pets that you can collect by taming them with the appropriate pet card in your inventory. This sounds great until you try to tame a higher rarity pet and you realize the chance to tame one is one percent or less which is disappointing but if you are dedicated you might be one of the lucky players on each server who have succeeded and tamed a rare pet.

The game begins in a training island where you are shown how to play, fight, upgrade armor, tame and things like that and this is where you get your first pet. As you complete the quests you gain levels and around level 15 you can leave the island and continue your journey to all the mysterious dungeons and bosses roaming around. Like any other multiplayer game there is the chance that some stronger player will kill (PK) you but not to worry, you dont loose any of your items and with just a click you are back to town where you are safe and alive.

The Auction is a very popular place where players can auction their items, pets, and even premium items (cash shop). Most of the game evolves around stamina savers which give you double experience and after level 50 that will be pretty much the only way to gain levels the easy way.

Since the game is free there is a cash shop as I mentioned above you can buy premium items like stamina savers and other helpful items that cost real money and by purchasing those items you support the game developer and keep the game alive.

Rappelz is just one of those games that are very fun until you get to the very high levels where it takes you a few days of grinding dungeons to gain a single level and the only way to do it in a few days is by purchasing stamina savers. Another con is that good armor for high level characters is very hard to find and it can cost a lot of rupees to purchase.

Graphics are very good and very pretty to look at but there is still some glitches.
Sounds is very real and unique.
Gameplay is easy with the help of hot keys.
Economy is not exactly where it should be and most cool items are very overpriced in the Rappelz world.

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