Legend of the Green Dragon – MMORPG Review

Legend of the Green Dragon is an amazing browser-based game which began as a text only game and as the years go by it was rewritten into PHP and released as an open-source game.

Its one of the first browser-based MMORPG games and its still one of the best and most popular with hundreds of servers to play.

Most browser-based game get boring after playing them for a month or two but this game is just so addicting that every time you play it something unexpected happens and it gets you more and more interested in the game. You meet people in the forest who would ask you favors, harm you, rob you, give you gems, gold, reveal a hidden world or take you for a drink, the game never stops to amaze you and as you advance through the levels you get more and more rewards and quests available to complete.

To advance to a new level you will have to find the green dragon and slay it and by doing so you will be back to level as the dragon would make you forget everything but each level you get stats, dragon kills, health and mana increases which you keep forever. You can also go explore the fun part of the game where you would find anything from a fortune card reader in few cities to a park with rides, shows and special events. Each town in pretty much unique and would have new person to start a quest, travel and buy different merchandise.

The game is still text based but there is also pictures, special things happening out of nowhere, custom events and so many more interesting things that I cant list them all.

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